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How many airports does Madeira have

Ever pondered about Madeira, the picturesque archipelago in the Atlantic? It’s not just its wine or scenic beauty that intrigues travelers. Let’s embark on a flight over Madeira, but not in the way you’d expect. How many airports serve this paradisiacal haven? Dive in to find out.

Airport Name Location Capacity (Annual Passengers) Main Airlines Operating Special Features
Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport (Funchal) Funchal, Madeira 3.5 million TAP Air Portugal, EasyJet Runway over the ocean, Engineering marvel
Porto Santo Airport Porto Santo Island 250,000 TAP Air Portugal Gateway to tranquil Porto Santo

A Glimpse into Madeira’s Air Travel

Madeira and its Historical Connection with Air Travel

Air travel and Madeira have a long-standing history. A region known for its challenging yet rewarding landscapes, Madeira’s topography also extends a challenge to pilots and engineers in creating airstrips.

Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport

Commonly referred to as Funchal Airport, this is the primary international gateway to Madeira.

Key Features

The airport, known for its unusually short runway built partly over the ocean on stilts, is an engineering marvel. It’s like playing a game of Tetris, but with airplanes.

Landing Challenges and Awards

Have you ever seen those “most dangerous airports” videos? Well, this one often tops the list. But, every landing here is a testament to the pilot’s skill, making it an award-winning airport in its own right.

Historical Importance

Being the main entry point, this airport witnessed the transformation of Madeira from a remote island to a top tourist destination.

Porto Santo Airport

The lesser-known sibling, Porto Santo Airport serves the island of Porto Santo, which is part of the Madeira Archipelago.

Why Porto Santo?

Though smaller, this airport is the gateway to a tranquil and less commercialized part of Madeira.

A Tranquil Experience

Think of it as a cozy bookstore next to a bustling city mall. While Madeira buzzes with activity, Porto Santo offers a calmer experience, like a gentle song played on an old vinyl.

Connecting to Mainland Portugal

Regular Routes and Airlines

TAP Air Portugal, EasyJet, and several other carriers frequent Madeira, connecting it with Lisbon, Porto, and other major cities.

Accessibility within the Islands

With the two airports, traveling within Madeira is a breeze. While ferries offer scenic routes, flights ensure you save time for an extra glass of Madeira wine.

Why Madeira’s Airports are Special

Madeira's Airports
Madeira’s Airports

It’s not just about numbers. Madeira’s airports, with their unique challenges and scenic views, offer an experience, making the journey as beautiful as the destination.

Madeira, with its two airports, Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport and Porto Santo Airport, serves as a perfect gateway to its unique blend of nature and culture. So, the next time you plan a trip, remember: It’s not just where you’re going, but also where you’re landing!


  1. Why is Funchal Airport named after Cristiano Ronaldo?
    • In honor of the soccer legend who was born in Madeira.
  2. Are there direct flights from the US to Madeira?
    • While there aren’t frequent direct flights, many routes have just one stopover.
  3. Is it safe to land in Funchal Airport?
    • Absolutely! Pilots undergo special training to land here.
  4. How can I travel between the Madeira islands?
    • Apart from flights, there are also regular ferry services.
  5. Is Madeira a good holiday destination?
    • With its blend of nature, culture, and history, Madeira is an unparalleled destination for all kinds of travelers.
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