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How far from Madeira airport to Funchal

Ah, Madeira! A paradise that beckons with its warm weather, exotic landscapes, and serene ocean views. But as with any trip, one of the first questions travelers ask is about transportation. Specifically: How far is it from Madeira Airport to Funchal? Strap in, because we’re about to dive deep into this!

Overview of Madeira Airport

from madeira airport to funchal
Madeira airport

A Brief History

Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport, commonly referred to as Madeira Airport, serves as the primary gateway to this paradise. Over the years, it’s not just its vital role in transportation that’s garnered attention, but also its unique architecture and engineering, making it one of the most challenging airports for pilots globally.

Facilities and Amenities

It’s not just a transit point, but an experience. Modern lounges, a variety of shops, top-notch restaurants, and the mesmerizing backdrop of the Atlantic makes waiting for a flight here quite a pleasure.

Overview of Funchal

The Capital of Madeira

Funchal, the beating heart of Madeira, is where modernity meets history. A vibrant city, it boasts a mix of contemporary establishments and centuries-old architecture, telling tales of its rich past.

Top Attractions in Funchal

From the bustling Farmers Market “Mercado dos Lavradores” to the tranquil Santa Catarina Park and the historic Sé Cathedral, Funchal promises a treat for every traveler.

Distance between Madeira Airport and Funchal

Mode of Transport Distance Approx. Time
Car/Taxi 23 km 20-25 minutes
Aerobus 23 km 35-40 minutes
Bicycle 23 km 1.5-2 hours

By Car/Taxi

The most direct route from Madeira Airport to Funchal is about 23 kilometers (approx. 14 miles) and typically takes around 20-25 minutes by car or taxi, depending on traffic.

Public Transportation

For those leaning towards a greener travel mode, the Aerobus service runs between the airport and Funchal city center, making it both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Best Routes to Take

Scenic Route

For travelers with some time to spare, the old coastal road offers breathtaking ocean views and a chance to witness some quaint villages along the way.

Quickest Route

The VR1 is your go-to expressway for a swift ride, ensuring you reach Funchal in the shortest time possible.

Tips for Travelers

  1. Pre-book your transportation to avoid last-minute hassles.
  2. If renting a car, ensure you’re comfortable driving on mountainous terrains.
  3. Always carry some local currency for unforeseen expenses.

The journey from Madeira Airport to Funchal might be short, but it’s packed with scenic beauty that gives you a glimpse of what awaits in the island’s capital. Whether you choose the scenic route or the fastest one, the magic of Madeira starts right from the moment you land.


  1. Is there a direct bus service from Madeira Airport to Funchal?
    Yes, the Aerobus service runs directly between the airport and Funchal city center.
  2. How much does a taxi cost from Madeira Airport to Funchal?
    Taxi fares can vary but expect to pay around €25-€30.
  3. Are there car rental services available at Madeira Airport?
    Absolutely! Multiple car rental agencies operate from the airport.
  4. What’s the best time to travel to avoid traffic?
    Early mornings or late evenings usually see lesser traffic on the VR1.
  5. Can I bike from Madeira Airport to Funchal?
    While possible, it’s quite challenging given the terrain. Only seasoned cyclists should consider this.
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