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Michel Polinskiy, CEO
Michel Polinskiy, CEO

Idea of creating a service

As a seasoned traveler, I’ve meandered through the bustling streets of countless cities and walked the quiet pathways of the world’s most hidden corners. Each place has etched its own unique story into my soul, but none quite like Portugal. The charm of its cities, the melody of its language, and the warmth of its people made me fall head over heels.

Madeira, in particular, is where my heart found its anchor. An island of unparalleled beauty, with its rugged cliffs, emerald forests, and the ever-inviting blue of the Atlantic. Every visit felt less like a touristy sojourn and more like coming home. The winding roads that led to panoramic views, the serenading Fado tunes at local taverns, and the taste of Poncha shared among newfound friends – each experience was a chapter of a story I never wanted to end.

One day, while trying to find a way to extend my stay on this enchanting island, an idea sparked. I noticed fellow travelers often struggled with finding reliable transportation that would allow them to explore Madeira to its fullest. The thought of them missing out on the island’s hidden gems saddened me. And just like that, the concept of my own car rental service began to take shape.

I envisioned a service that wasn’t just about renting cars, but about sharing Madeira’s magic. A service that came with tips about the best local eateries, the most serene sunset spots, and roads that led to adventures untold.

Launching my car rental service on Madeira Island wasn’t just a business endeavor; it was a passion project. A means to connect deeper with this land and its people, and to help fellow travelers do the same. Today, as I hand over the keys to another eager explorer, I’m reminded of my own journey and the love for Portugal that started it all.

Michel Polinskiy, CEO

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