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madeira rent a car

Rent a car Madeira

Total 150 cars with an average cost from 25€.

Madeira, a beautiful and enchanting island in Portugal, beckons travelers with its stunning landscapes, quaint villages, and vibrant culture. One of the best ways to soak in the essence of this island is by driving around at your own pace. This is where renting a car comes into play.

What is required to rent a car in Madeira?

The required documents are:

  • Passport.
  • Driving license.
  • Bank card.

Before booking a car, make sure to check the validity of all your documents.

The minimum driver’s age is 24 years, and the driving experience should be at least 2 years.

If you plan to drive as a pair, note that the second driver must meet or exceed the standard age and experience restrictions. For the contract, you will need the driving license and passport of the second driver.

Base Pricing

Like many places, Madeira’s car rental prices vary based on season, vehicle type, and rental duration. During off-peak seasons, you can snag some truly affordable deals. Remember, early bird gets the worm, right?

Additional Fees

Beware of hidden fees! While initial prices might seem low, additional charges for GPS, child seats, or late returns can add up. Always read the fine print. It’s just like shopping online; you wouldn’t buy without checking the total cost, would you?

Madeira rental car information

📌 Average car rental duration?5 days
💰 Price of car rental Madeira?from 25€
🚗 Popular car typesEconomy class
⭐ Most popular modelFord Ka

Benefits of renting a car in Madeira

Explore Hidden Gems

Experience Madeira’s untouched beauty by driving off the beaten path. With your own car, you have the freedom to discover secluded beaches, quaint villages, and panoramic viewpoints at your own pace.

Cost-Efficient Traveling

Avoid the hassles and costs of hailing cabs or waiting for public transport. Renting a car can be economical, allowing you to budget better. Plus, share the expense with fellow travelers for even greater savings.

Flexibility and Comfort

Travel on your terms. Whether you’re chasing sunrises or opting for late-night drives, a rented car provides the flexibility to design your own itinerary. Enjoy the comfort of personal space, avoiding crowded buses or tours.

Choosing the right vehicle for hire car in Madeira

Renting a car in Madeira opens up avenues of exploration that public transport can’t provide. With the right vehicle choice and a responsible approach, your Madeira trip can be both memorable and eco-friendly. After all, isn’t the true essence of travel to explore, understand, and leave a place better than we found it?

TypeAverage rental priceSome information
Economy class35€Ideal for solo travelers or couples. They’re fuel-efficient, nimble, and perfect for city drives. Imagine zipping through the streets of Funchal, parking easily, and saving on fuel. Sounds like a win-win!
SUVs (Family Cars)43€Traveling with family? These vehicles offer space and comfort. You might think of them as your cozy moving hotel room. And with Madeira’s terrains, a bit of horsepower wouldn’t hurt!
Luxury55€If style is your thing, luxury cars won’t disappoint. They merge comfort with performance. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, on wheels!

What are the top 4 locations for car booking in Madeira?

Santa Cruz

Discover the beauty of the island at your own pace with rent a car in Santa Cruz (Madeira). Whether you’re exploring coastal gems or mountainous terrains, our reliable vehicles offer the perfect solution. Experience hassle-free travel and unbeatable rates when you choose rent a car Santa Cruz Madeira for your journey.


Explore Funchal’s enchanting streets and vibrant culture effortlessly with rent a car Funchal. Dive into the heart of Madeira’s capital, from its historical sites to modern attractions, in the comfort of our top-notch vehicles. Opt for rent a car Funchal and elevate your island experience.


“Navigate Caniço’s captivating landscapes with ease using rent a car Caniço Madeira. Delve into this Madeiran gem, from sun-kissed beaches to lush inland hideaways, behind the wheel of our premium vehicles. For the ultimate Caniço adventure, choose rent a car Caniço Madeira.

Madeira airport

Looking for convenient transportation during your Madeira visit? Car rental Madeira Airport is the ideal choice. From the moment you land, access a wide variety of vehicles tailored to your needs. Whether traveling solo or with family, there’s a perfect car waiting. Enjoy the flexibility to explore Madeira at your pace. Save time on transfers and maximize your vacation. Remember: Car rental Madeira Airport is the starting point for unforgettable island adventures.

What are the road rules in Madeira?

Madeira, an autonomous region of Portugal, follows the general Portuguese road rules. If you’re planning to drive in Madeira, it’s essential to be aware of these regulations to ensure safety and compliance. As of my last update in September 2021, here are some road rules and driving tips for Madeira:

  1. Drive on the Right: Vehicles drive on the right-hand side of the road in Madeira, as in mainland Portugal.
  2. Speed Limits:
    • Urban areas: 50 km/h
    • Non-urban roads: 90 km/h
    • Expressways: 100 km/h
  3. Seat Belts: Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers, both in the front and rear seats.
  4. Child Seats: Children under 12 years of age or less than 135 cm tall must use a suitable child restraint system. Children under 3 years of age must not be transported in a vehicle without a child seat, except in a taxi.
  5. Alcohol Limit: The blood alcohol limit is 0.05 grams per liter. This limit is stricter than in some countries, so always be cautious if consuming alcohol.
  6. Mobile Phones: It’s illegal to use a mobile phone while driving unless you have a hands-free system.
  7. Parking: Yellow and red lines along the curb indicate no parking zones. In general, try to park in designated areas.
  8. Roundabouts: Vehicles inside the roundabout generally have the right of way. However, always be cautious, as this might not always be the case, especially with local driving habits.
  9. Hilly and Mountainous Terrain: Madeira is mountainous, and many roads can be steep and winding. Always drive cautiously, and be especially careful in wet conditions as roads can become slippery.
  10. Tunnels: There are many tunnels in Madeira. Always switch on your headlights when driving through them.
  11. Pedestrian Crossings: Drivers must stop for pedestrians at pedestrian crossings.
  12. Documentation: Always carry your driving license, vehicle registration, and insurance documents when driving.
  13. Emergency Number: The emergency number in Madeira, as in the rest of Portugal, is 112.
  14. Parking: Most towns have metered parking. In Funchal, the capital, there are also underground car parks.
  15. Tires: Because of Madeira’s terrain, it’s essential to ensure your tires are in good condition. Check them regularly.

Car hire in Madeira near me

Experience the beauty of Madeira seamlessly with a rented car tailored to your travel desires. Navigate the island’s picturesque landscapes, from rugged coasts to lush mountain terrains, all at your own pace. Renting a car in Madeira empowers you to uncover hidden gems, ensuring you miss no breathtaking view or local secret. Dive deep into Madeira’s wonders, knowing your reliable rental awaits. Trust in Madeira car rental: your gateway to an unforgettable island journey.”

Rent a car Madeira low cost

Journey through its rugged mountains, verdant valleys, and pristine beaches in one of our affordable, yet quality vehicles. Embrace the freedom to explore every corner of the island on your terms and budget. Dive into Madeira’s wonders, knowing rent a car Madeira low cost has your back.”

29 €
25 €
31 €
35 €
41 €
45 €
45 €
42 €
44 €
41 €
39 €
31 €

Why Rent a Car in Madeira?


Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore Madeira’s hidden corners without the restrictions of a guided tour or public transportation schedules. It’s your ticket to seeing Madeira beyond the usual tourist trails.

Discover Hidden Gems

With a rented car, you can drive along the scenic coastline, stop at unmarked viewpoints, and discover secluded beaches and charming villages that are often missed by tourists.

Save Time

Car rentals save you time, especially if you plan to visit multiple sights scattered across the island. Instead of waiting for public transport, you can zip from one locale to another as per your schedule.

How to Rent a Car in Madeira

Choose the Right Car Rental Company

Selecting a reputable car rental company is crucial for a hassle-free experience. Look for companies that offer transparent pricing, a wide range of vehicle options, and good customer reviews.

Understanding the Rental Agreement

Before you sign the rental agreement, ensure you understand the terms and conditions, including the fuel policy, mileage limits, and the return process.

Driving License and Insurance

Check the driving license requirements and opt for a comprehensive insurance plan to cover unexpected incidents.

Tips for a Smooth Car Rental Experience

Inspect the Car

Before driving off, inspect the car for any damages and ensure they are recorded in the rental agreement to avoid disputes later.

Know the Road Rules

Familiarize yourself with Madeira’s driving rules and regulations to ensure a safe journey.

Local Driving Etiquettes

Understanding local driving etiquettes can help in navigating the roads smoothly and avoiding misunderstandings with other drivers.

Top Destinations Accessible by Car


The capital city of Madeira, Funchal, is a mix of modern urban life and historic charm. Drive around to explore its beautiful gardens, historic sites, and indulge in local cuisine.

Porto Moniz

A picturesque village known for its natural volcanic pools, Porto Moniz is a must-visit. The drive to this village is as captivating as the destination itself.


Known for its traditional A-frame houses, Santana is a unique destination that showcases Madeira’s rich heritage. The drive through lush green landscapes to reach Santana is an experience in itself.

Renting a car in Madeira is a wise choice for travelers looking to explore the island comprehensively. It provides the flexibility, convenience, and the chance to discover the hidden treasures of Madeira at your own pace.

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Madeira car booking reviews

Nice job! We like it

Smith K.

We rented an automatic vehicle for a week. The car was spotless and well-maintained, and the team was welcoming and accommodating. I’d highly endorse their service👍

David Plummer

We secured an automatic Seat Ibiza for our trip in Madeira 🤝 It was among the top car rental experiences abroad, free from the typical hidden fees you’d expect. The inclusion of Android Auto/Apple Carplay made navigating Madeira effortless. I’d wholeheartedly endorse this company; their service is truly 5-star.

Samuli Martin

Renting a car in Madeira was seamless. The vehicle was in top-notch condition, and the staff were incredibly attentive. Exploring the island was a dream. Kudos to the team!

Lukas Müller

What a delightful experience! The pick-up was swift, and the car was clean and ready to go. Driving around Madeira with such a reliable vehicle made our trip unforgettable. Cheers!

Isabelle Dupont

Top service in Madeira! The car was modern, fuel-efficient, and perfect for the winding roads of the island. Special thanks to the friendly staff who made the process so smooth. Highly recommend!

Carlos García

I’ve rented cars all over Europe, but this Madeira experience stands out. Efficient, transparent pricing, and the bonus of a spectacular vehicle. Can’t wait for my next trip! 🌺🚙

Astrid Jensen

Madeira’s roads are a joy to drive, especially with the car I rented. Clean, safe, and equipped with all the latest features. The staff were a pleasure to deal with, and the drop-off was a breeze. Two thumbs up! 👍👍🌊

Filippo Rossi

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Process of Picking Up and Returning a Car

To pick up the car, you need to bring your voucher (it can be on your phone), driving license, and passport.

Proper steps to pick up the vehicle:

  • Carefully inspect the car and mark any scratches on a special diagram.
  • Take detailed photos or videos of the car from all sides.
  • Read and sign the contract.
  • Immediately clarify any unclear points with the manager.
  • Pay the remaining amount of the order and the deposit. Typically, this procedure takes less than 20 minutes.

Returning is even simpler and faster:

  • Arrive at the meeting place on time, with a clean car, and the fuel tank filled to the level it was when you picked up the car.
  • The manager takes the keys, inspects the vehicle, and signs your copy of the return form. The entire process usually takes about 10 minutes.


What are the requirements to rent a car in Madeira?
To rent a car in Madeira, you typically need a valid driving license, be over 21 years old, and sometimes an international driving permit, depending on your country of origin.
Do I need insurance to rent a car in Madeira?
Yes, basic insurance like third-party liability is usually included, but it's advisable to consider additional coverages like collision damage waiver for extra protection.
Can I pick up my rental car at Madeira's airport?
Absolutely! Most car rental companies have desks at Madeira's airport, allowing for convenient pick-up and drop-off.
Is fuel included in the rental price?
Usually, cars are rented with a full tank and should be returned with a full tank. Some agencies might offer prepaid fuel options.
Are there any restrictions on where I can take the rented car?
Most rental agencies will have restrictions on taking the car off the island. Always check with the agency for specific restrictions.
Do rental agencies offer GPS or child seats?
Yes, most agencies offer add-ons like GPS, child seats, and other amenities for an additional fee. It's advisable to book these in advance.
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